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Models and Analysis of Vocal Emissions for Biomedical Applications

9th International Workshop, september, 2-4, 2015
 a cura di Manfredi, Claudia

The Models and Analysis of Vocal Emissions with Biomedical Applications (MAVEBA) workshop came into being in 1999 from the particularly felt need of sharing know-how, objectives and results between areas that until then seemed quite distinct such as bioengineering, medicine and singing. MAVEBA deals with all aspects concerning the study of the human voice with applications ranging from the neonate to the adult and elderly. Over the years the initial issues have grown and spread also in other aspects of research such as occupational voice disorders, neurology, rehabilitation, image and video analysis. MAVEBA takes place every two years always in Firenze, Italy.

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Anno di edizione: 2015

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Borri, Claudio; Gerasimov, Sergey; Guberti, Elisa; Quadrado, Jose Carlos; Umankulova, Onola; Winkelmann, Ulf