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PhD Day 6 - The day dedicated to the PhD students

Abstract booklet (27th May 2015)

The PhD-day is an event that brings together the academia from different fields of study and undergraduate students to allow building a scientific research network in the University of Florence. The University of Florence will be hosting the 6th edition of PhD–Day. This year, the PhD-Day6 is opened to three major areas of study: Biomedicine, Science and Technology, which comprise 17 different PhD courses and much more sub-course curricula! PhD students will have the unique opportunity to share their work and find unexpected common interests while discussing their findings with colleagues from all departments and research institutes of the University of Florence. News of this edition: a special session will be dedicated to celebrate the "UNESCO International Year of Light". Undergraduate students are also invited to follow this event. For all students who need to choose their thesis, this will be an excellent opportunity to find out what research groups are and what they actually do! Furthermore, the PhD-Day6 is an opportunity to learn more about topics not usually covered during the course of studies.

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