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The Open Access publishing workshop (LABOR EOA) for BA, MA and PhD students and Firenze University Press

Electronic publishing and open access: the new frontiers of study, employment and research
Firenze University Press collaborates with the specialist Workshop (Laboratorio di Informatica umanistica straniera e di editoria online) co-ordinated by Prof. Beatrice Tottossy in liaison with Dr. Arianna Antonielli of the Department of Modern Philology of Florence University.
The Workshop has been a significant element within the university since 1999, established simultaneously with the Department of Modern Philology itself. It is an experience that melds training and work, theory and practice, conceived for students who want to acquire experience indispensable in the world of publishing, especially electronic publishing, through the processing of the text (editing and page-setting techniques) and its distribution, all within the theoretical academic context.
Since the Workshop wishes to foster the specific use of internet for the enhancement and circulation of "Weltliteratur" (with view to an inter-culturalism rooted in literature and fostered within the academic community) processing hinges on the so-called “Open Book”, that is the online book, freely accessible, multimedia and multilingual, in line with the Open Access model promoted by Firenze University Press through numerous initiatives including the current project Oapen (Open Access Publishing in European Networks). The OA publishing Workshop (Labor EOA) is closely linked with the electronic edition of the series Biblioteca di Studi di Filologia Moderna published by FUP.
This collaboration makes it possible to put into practice the principles of the design and management of online contents specific to the field of foreign humanities, as mapped out in the interdisciplinary and inter-field research project to which the Workshop has made reference since 2005. As well as pursuing the Open Access model, the Workshop also addresses the question of intellectual property and copyright by utilising for its published products the Creative Commons licence (and Copyleft), “Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 2.5”.
Thus the Modern Philology Studies series published by Firenze University Press addresses the demands of research, production and publishing training, applied to fifteen languages and literary cultures, many of them considered minor and little-known.

For further details visit the website BSFM Collana e Laboratorio.

For information: Prof.ssa Tottossy and Dott.ssa Antonielli

The open access books in the Modern philology series are part of the FUP Open Access bookshop; to visit click here.

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