Our Mission

FUP Identity and Mission

Firenze University Press is an open and public publisher.

a. What is an open, public publisher?

Being an open publisher has a double meaning. The first one relies on its actual constitution: FUP is a publishing house which is conceived, promoted, funded and supported by a public institution, the University of Florence. FUP is the most important Italian publisher connected to a public university. The open nature of FUP's resources is essential for its public function and for the principles that drive its activity.

  • FUP editorial activity is inspired by the principles of open access and open science (knowledge as a common good), of peer review to ensure the best quality of its resources, and promotes the civil dimension of knowledge, environmental sustainability, gender equality and the well-being of all the people who work in FUP.
  • FUP is a non-profit publisher that operates on the market exclusively with the aim of ensuring its economic sustainability: all the additional revenues that exceed expenses are committed and re-invested to improve its civil and public functions.
  • FUP is a cultural and scientific operator that promotes the dissemination of knowledge and public discussion as conditions to the quality of democracy and citizenship.

b. What does a public publisher do?

FUP, as public publisher, operates in two macro-areas.

1. Editorial Activity

a. FUP creates and distributes worldwide the editorial products (in digital and printed formats) that represents the major outcomes of the research activities from the University of Florence, as well as from other universities and research institutes, both Italian and international;

b. FUP creates and openly distributes innovative teaching support tools, with a special focus on the educational and technological experimentation;

c. through an extensive and accurate peer review, FUP scientific community actively contributes to the improvement of the quality of research products and educational support tools.

In carrying out its editorial activity, FUP is inspired by the following principles:

a. promotion and support of fundamental research and curiosity-driven research;

b. promotion and support of innovative, pioneering research in terms of methods and paradigms (not mainstream);

c. promotion and support of research internationalisation;

d. promotion and support of interdisciplinary scientific research.

2. Scientific and Cultural Dissemination

FUP is actively involved in the dissemination of knowledge and in the construction and promotion of the quality of public debate. This is achieved by designing and promoting initiatives about hot topics and issues of wide cultural relevance, which are fundamental for the development of the Italian and European society. To pursue these aims, FUP also conceives and implements autonomous publishing initiatives (scientific, educational and cultural) to promote knowledge as a tool for the development and empowerment of human beings.