Our History

The University of Florence’s interest in digital publishing started in the year 2000, with an experimental project launched within the University Library System. Following the success of this initiative, by way of Decree no. 232 issued by the Rector on 15th May 2003, Firenze University Press (FUP) was established.

In 2004, FUP became the University Publishing Centre and strengthened its position within the University of Florence. This ensures consistent high quality in the supply of material for FUP’s publications and in its entire production.

FUP has always been on the front-line in the continuous search for excellence and technological innovation. Therefore, FUP understands the importance of investing not only in the production and distribution of content, but also in its preservation. To this aim, FUP archives hard copies and digital copies of its works in Italy’s National Libraries  and promotes the integration with open archives, starting with the University of Florence's institutional repository: FLORE (Florence Research).